Yellow 1Citrus delicious

Colour palette: citrus yellow, dove grey, white

A lovely fresh summery colour palette that is tipped in all of the styling magazines to be one of the hot themes of 2012! It suits a contemporary wedding style best of all and needs to be anchored with calming white and grey to ensure success


  • If you are getting married in Castle House its fun to line the aisle with lemon trees! Whilst the posts can be garlanded with greenery and interlaced with both citrus yellow and white flowers – the white is an important element here as it calms and unifies the citrus yellow
  • In the ballroom the tables can be dressed with either the ivory candelabra or tall lily vases filled with lemons; an alternative is to go for low predominantly white displays of flowers surrounded with clear tea lights with lemon yellow tea lights!
  • Napkins can be citrus yellow if you go for a white flower display or white/grey if you fancy the more dramatic whole lemon displays


  • Serve Citrus Sapphire for your drinks reception – it’s a really yummy mixture of Bombay Sapphire and Benedictine and a  simply perfect summer drink!


Yellow 2Daisy do

Colour palette: buff, corn yellow, white

A wonderful yellow toned theme that suits rustic chic or vintage styled weddings best of all


  • Table surfaces should be covered with buff and corn yellow runners over laid with pretty lace clothes
  • Bunches of white/yellow flowers [with lots of daisies of course!] should be informally arranged in a mixture of vintage crystal and white tin ware jugs
  • Jam jar tea lights – tied with scraps of  lace and buff/corn yellow ribbon look pretty on the wedding breakfast tables, lining the route to the Orangery – on any surface really!
  • Napkins are nice if they are either vintage white or buff/cornflower yellow – in either case they should be accessorized with a daisy


  • Adorn your wedding cake with either fresh or fondant daisies – they look so cute and the fondant ones taste scrummy!


Yellow 3Sunshine through the clouds

Colour palette: slate grey, sunglow, ivory

A fantastically moody colour palette that contrasts slate grey and ivory – or the colour of the sky before a storm – with a wonderful colour called sunglow. It is simply perfect for a contemporary wedding and works at any time of the year.


  • Floral arrangements should have a grey/ivory base with accents of sunglow coloured flowers
  • Use the ivory coloured candelabras to dress the wedding breakfast tables
  • The ivory baroque mirrored frame looks superb at the bottom of the great stairs with your guests names written on it  in liquid grey chalk
  • Table linen works best in grey with the napkins tied with sunglow velvet ribbon


  • Mini cupcakes with off white frosting and drizzled with sunglow icing make a superb desert!


Yellow 4Sunny delight

Colour palette: sunflower yellow, flame, summer bud

A gorgeous vintage summer palette that simply brims over with love and laughter! Summer bud is a wonderful green which anchors and unifies the vibrant yellows and oranges



  • Bunches of gloriously coloured flowers in shades of yellow and orange should be arranged in vintage crystal jugs, jam jars and tin aware jugs and containers
  • Set the scene by layering the table in the great hall with a sunflower yellow runner overlaid with a lace cloth; dot with jam jars and flower vases
  •  For outdoor ceremonies a flower arch – and sunflowers are fantastic to use here look magnificent; whilst if you choose to get married in Castle House you can still produce the same effect by garlanding the posts with summer bud foliage and sunflower heads
  • Napkins work best in a sunflower coloured shade – preferably tied with summer bud ribbon
  • The wedding breakfast tables can be dressed with ivory candelabra and jam jar posies


  • Mini macaroons in yellow and orange make a delightful base for either orange or lemon sorbet during the pudding course

*All photo credits to Style Me Pretty