Red 1Polka Dots

Colour palette: red, claret, snow white, Gainsborough grey

A vibrant colour palette particularly suited to vintage themed summer weddings blending bold reds with either white or grey


  • In Castle House wrap the posts with greenery and interlace with red flowers
  • Vintage crystal vases haphazardly arranged with jam jar tea lights [tied with lace] should adorn the surfaces
  • Vintage napkins tied with red ribbon are super on the wedding breakfast tables; which should be layered up with lace clothes and doilies, jam jar posies and either the ivory or vintage silver candelabra
  • Strings of white pearls can be draped over the candelabra for a bohemian effect


  • Well with this colour palette you have to serve strawberries and cream – or if you want to be a bit ‘posh’ Eton Mess!
  • Little pots of homemade strawberry jam make delightful favours

Aqua RedRed and Cyan

Colour palette: red, claret, cyan, snow white

A fun contemporary colour palette which contrasts bold red and claret with white and cyan


  • For preference use cyan as the signature colour. Wrap the chairs in the ballroom with cyan coloured pashminas for maximum impact and accessorize cyan coloured napkins with either thin strands of red ribbon or single red flower heads
  • Use either trumpet vases with twisted stems and big impact flowers [red lilies are a good choice] or low fish bowl type displays on the wedding breakfast tables themselves. Whether you opt for high or low displays though it’s fun to centre them on giant mirrored plates which can be scattered with tea lights/red flower petals for a wedding with the ‘wow’ factor!
  • Hurricane lamps and tea lights can either be silvered or clear – but the candles must always be pure white [believe me red or cyan coloured candles just look naff!]


  • Mini macaroons in shades of red and cyan look so pretty when served for either desert or as part of a sweet treat table
  • For blue cocktails how about trying Wicked Wine – it’s a mixture of fizz and WKD Blue whilst a good red choice is something called Red Mist, which is a lovely mixture of champagne, cherry brandy and cranberry juice

Strawberry MouseStrawberries and Chocolate

Colour palette: red, chocolate, dark violet, maroon, sunshine yellow

One of my most favourite colour palettes as it contains 2 of my favourite things – strawberries and chocolates!! It works with both vintage and contemporary wedding styles and is anchored by including a spectrum of reds [red, dark violet, maroon] and chocolate with a contrasting yellow


  • The ivory candelabra work best with this palette as do single big fat candles from Melt with delicious names such as Saddle, Love and Violet and Black Pepper
  • Chair wraps if you are going to have them look best in either chocolate or maroon – you can then add red napkins and accessorize the tables with vases, small bowls and tea lights filled with candles and flowers from the colour spectrum
  • Don’t forget that the inclusion of yellow is the key to the success of this look – so incorporate it by using single yellow flower heads to accessorize every napkin and weaving yellow flowers into the garlanded posts in Castle House for example


  • For the perfect cocktail to enjoy with chocolate how about a Slinger? It’s been described as the perfect after dinner mint and is made using crème de menthe and cognac
  • With this colour palette how about decorating your wedding cake with chocolate dipped strawberries or having a chocolate fountain in place of desert?

Claret And GoldClaret, Chocolate and Old Gold

Colour palette: claret, raspberry ripple, chocolate,old gold

If 2011 was the year of the chocolate and pink wedding then let’s hope that 2012 is the year of the claret and chocolate wedding – it’s so much classier somehow!!


  • The ivory candelabra work with this palette as do those lovely candles from Melt – but this time I would go for the varieties called Nutmeg and Vetiver and the aptly named More!
  • Chair wraps if you are going to have them look best in either raspberry ripple or claret – you can then add chocolate napkins and accessorize the tables with old gold vases, small bowls and tea lights filled with candles and flowers from the colour spectrum
  • One of the best brown flowers to use in your displays would be anthuriums, which are available in a  mocha brown. These can be arranged in a number of ways to give a very distinctive feel.


  • The Hummingbird Bakery will makes cakes in any colour – so I would go for Raspberry ripple garnished with either old gold ribbon or fondant and accessorized with mocha brown anthuriums

Royal Affair2Royal Affair

Colour palette: French blue, royal blue, ruby red

A classic pairing red and blue work well together for either a ‘vintage’ themed or a contemporary wedding. For a vintage themed wedding this is what I suggest:


  • As red and blue are such strong colours flowers should be arranged in clear glass containers – vintage crystal for preference
  • Antique silver candlesticks – perhaps adorned with strands of pearls – should be used to dress tables, window ledges etc which should also be layered with vintage doilies and napkins in whites and ivory
  • Red and blue cushions and vintage quilts can be thrown over deckchairs and onto the grass


  • A selection of blue berry cocktails makes for a fun drinks reception – try blueberry julep, mojito and basil and for those of you not as keen on cocktails as me the latter uses rum as a base with fresh mint and basil and has quite a kick!
  • Little pots of homemade strawberry jam also look cute on the wedding breakfast tables and make great favours

*All photo credits to Style Me Pretty