Grey and Peach

Colour palette: peach, white and grey

A smashing colour palette that works particularly well with a vintage themed wedding.


  • In the great hall layer up the refractory table with  a grey runner overlaid with lace clothes
  • Vintage crystal vases filled with white/grey/peach flowers look stunning; grey flower varieties include lambs ear, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus [what delicious names!] whilst for peach and white look to roses, stocks, sweet peas, gardenia and stephanotis
  •  The ivory candelabra are also just the right shade of neutral for a grey/peach wedding


  • Peach bellinis are fab during the drinks reception
  • A very pale peach wedding cake tied with grey ribbon and decorated with white flowers looks stunning

Orange 2Peaches and Dreams

Peaches and cream is a classic summer desert and makes for a delightful summer wedding palette.


  • Layer up the wedding breakfast tables with ivory candelabra [they are in fact a very mellow shade of ivory – almost buttermilk in tone] and bowls of peach flowers
  • A colour palette using peach is the only palette that I advise using tea lights in a shade other than white! But make sure that the tea light holders are the frosted glass variety – little peach tea lights look delicious in those!!
  • Chairs wrapped in the palest of peach pashminas look wonderful or if the budget doesn’t stretch that far use peach napkins accessorized with cream flowers instead
  • White is used as an anchoring colour – so the white wooden birdcages also work on the windowsills either filled with flowers or white candles


  • With this colour palette you have to serve Peach Bellinis during the drinks reception!

Orange 3Autumnal Orange

Colour palette: orange red, dark orange, orange, yellow

Strong autumn colours make this colour palette perfectly suited to Modern Country styling


  • Layer up the wedding breakfast tables with ivory candelabra [they are in fact a very mellow shade of ivory – almost buttermilk in tone] and bowls of red orange, dark orange, orange and yellow flowers
  • Novel bowls could include pumpkin shells – they are a delicious shade of orange!
  • Candles by Melt should be the big fat variety – good shades are Nutmeg and Vitiver and Dance [both of which are yellow/orange in tone]
  • Set the scene by making the refractory table in the great hall  a central feature with retro glass in orange/brown/yellow shades
  • As the flower colours are so strong keep the table linen white; have the napkins folded so that pockets are created which you can accessorize with single flowers in the signature colours


  • Bucks Fizz is a traditional drinks reception choice and it’s a lovely orange colour to boot!

Orange 4Coral

Colour palette: light salmon, coral, light cyan, snow white

A very on trend colour palette for 2012 shades of coral teamed with white and accented with the palest shade of puff ball blue is perfect for either a vintage, traditional or contemporary themed wedding


  • Keep the table linen white on white! You could wrap the chairs in pretty peachy coral pashminas if the budget allows and layer the tables with frosted glass tea lights and bowls of coral toned flowers
  • An alternative table centre would be use the white wooden bird cages – fill them with coral toned flowers or white candles
  • Use your accent colour – puff ball blue –  to tie the napkins with, velvet ribbon is best
  • Wrap the posts in Castle House or the Temple with the palest green foliage you can find and interweave with coral and white toned flowers
  • Candles where used should be pure white for preference
  • Pretty white fretwork lanterns can be used to light the great stairs and the walk to the Orangery


  • Use coral to highlight the decoration on your wedding cake – it will really make the design pop!!!!

*All photo credits to Style Me Pretty