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Karen and Chris

Karen and Chris got married at Brympton House on Saturday 11th March 2017…this is their Country House Wedding Story

A little bit about us


Chris and myself have known each other since school but lost contact for a few years when we went to university. We bumped into each other in the pub in 2011 and have been together ever since (6 years).
We live in rural Somerset so enjoy making the most of the beautiful countryside. We also enjoy cosy nights in from of the open fire. We are part of a local skittles team which Chris’ parents run.

The Chemistry

Definitely a question of opposites attracting. I am super organised and like to prepare for everything with to do lists for to do lists whilst Chris is very laid back but then panics when things go wrong. Somehow it just works!!

The Proposal

Chris proposed at home. I wasn’t feeling very well so he said he was going to take me out for dinner. I went to have a shower and get ready and when I came back down he had laid the table with a heart made of red candles, a three course meal and was down on one knee with my beautiful ring. Little did I know he had also been and spoken to my parents.

The Venue

Soon after we got engaged we decided we didn’t want a long engagement and went on the hunt for our perfect wedding venue.
We looked at several local venues and came across Brympton House online. We booked to view Brympton and instantly fell in love with Castle House. We also loved the different spaces for different parts of the day as there is nothing worse than being shuffled in and out of the same room all day.
After this, it was difficult to find anything that came close to the beautiful Brympton House and we signed on the dotted line!

The Dress

Finding the dress was a lot more simple than I expected. I had no preconceived ideas of what I wanted and found my dress in a small bridal boutique. Anna in the store was excellent and suggested all sorts of different styles and we soon got the “ooh” moment. For a very self conscious bride, this turned out to be a lovely stress free experience.

The Wedding Party

We have 3 bridesmaids, my best friend Joanna, friend Sarah and sister Amanda. The nice thing here is that I have someone representing a different part of my life. Chris has 3 ushers, Sean and Stuart who are my brothers and Joe who is Chris’ cousin. The best man is Tim, who Chris has known most his life and is also Sarah’s husband.

The Decor

The colour scheme for the day was ivory and dusky pink with splashes of grey and silver.We introduced some fun elements into our day as well –  namely fire pits in the evening and a popcorn bar.  Whilst for our evening food we introduced a ‘wow’ element – paella served in giant pans under the canopy of fairy lights in the Stables courtyard –  care of Wellies and Garlic . We trusted the lovely Emily from Brympton House Styling Team with our flowers and she recommended very neutral spring flowers with lovely scents as well as some splashes of dusky pink roses. We wanted a day framed with candlelight and Brympton House did not disappoint.

The Honeymoon

We are off to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean on the Monday after the wedding for 2 weeks. Stunning white beaches and crystal clear seas in 5 star luxury – We cannot wait!!!!!
Photographer: Russell How – HOW Photography
Grooms wear: Moss bros
Beauty: Hair and makeup by Lisa Want and Nails by V&A Beauty
Wedding flowers: Emily Jewesbury
Evening Food: Wellies and Garlic
Wedding Specialist: Natalie Berry
Real Weddings, Trending Now

A Vintage Romantic Rustic Wedding

Brympton_D'Evercy_Somerset1_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0002.jpg

Let’s talk gorgeous for a minute. This vintage inspired and rustic infused wedding reception is certainly something to write home about. Belle and Fred fell in love with Brympton House and it’s stunning 33 acre park-lands and gardens after a tour of the estate.

Taking inspiration from all the greenery and the gorgeous surrounding to frame their romantic rustic wedding, they chose truly beautiful alternating centerpieces featuring collections of crystal vase posies mixed with stunning candelabras to creating a visual interest for the wedding breakfast, and allowing the most amazing light in the ballroom to highlight their event simply, yet perfectly. Let’s not forget the rustic bouquets, which were assembled by the professional florists at Brympton House.

Helen Lisk Photgraphy has certainly captured the spirit of this rustic yet super romantic wedding as well as all those delicious details for you to pore over and pin. Shall we have a look?

The Wedding

When Belle and Fred started planning their wedding, they knew exactly what they wanted, especially where they wanted to get married. The enthusiasm and the way we were greeted by the entire team was simply wonderful. It is impossible to describe this place with words only. You really should need go and see the space. This place really grows on you!

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Brympton House is an historic and romantic medieval manor house, located in the rolling hills of Somerset. The Mansion, with its exquisite Tudor front, stands majestically among 33 stunning acres of parkland, a romantic walled garden, an orchard, a Japanese garden, a tennis court and a cricket pitch, so lots of choices as to pictures and numerous various spaces for every part of your special day, you never must re-use a room.

Colour Scheme & Decor

Our wedding was to be inspired by simplicity and tranquility. The colour pallet was easily decided with natural colors taking center stage. Tranquil and clean, with a touch of color here and there to create a contrast and some elegant details in silver or crystal. The most important things were that the event was not going to change the space in any way. The concept was simple. To create a layout that would merge vintage with rustic and take full advantage of the surroundings. Everything was chosen to highlight maximum detail without wanting to over exaggerate, because after all “Less is more”.


Choosing the photographer was easy, Helen Lisk. Helen is an obvious choice because she considers it an honor, “To create this set of images for people, images that hold those moments forever for them, that transport them back to the feelings of their day, this is what makes it all worthwhile for me, what gives me the buzz of excitement every single time.”

outside wedding venues, rustic wedding, vintage wedding, real wedding, real wedding blog

Flowers & Foliage

The summer of 2016, was a stunning one in the UK, blue skies and no wind or rain. Belle and Fred chose a perfect day for an outdoor party. The wedding day started with the bouquets of blooms of various colors and kinds of flowers put together by Brympton House’s professional in house floral department. They managed to create the Bride’s bouquet exactly the way she had imagined it. Big, fluid and with different soft tones, simple but stunning and elegant. Beautiful! The maids of honor bouquets were similar but smaller.


Belle and Fred were married off site, having all elements of the reception take place at Brympton House, starting with the wonderful drinks reception where their guests sipped Champagne on the elegant South Terrace, outside next to the lake with swans in residence all year long. After this we had the wedding breakfast in the light filled ballroom which overlooks the grand lawn and lake and cheers to the bride and groom with champagne.

Table Scape

The ballroom of Brympton House had flower arrangements lighted by candles. The ambiance was very intimate. Belle and Fred chose truly beautiful alternating centerpieces featuring collections of crystal vase posies mixed with stunning candelabras to creating a visual interest, candles helped to illuminate the space. Everything was very romantic and cozy. Super elegant.

Final Thoughts

outside wedding venues, rustic wedding, vintage wedding, real wedding, real wedding blog
This unique day ended with music, laughter, good food for snaking late into the night and lots of smiles. The memory of this day is easily described with happy words, like romantic, simple, comfortable, elegant, emotional and exclusive. This was one of the best experiences of Belle and Fred’s lives. We know they loved building this dream wedding together and couldn’t be happier with the choices they made. Their family and friends were inspired by each and every detail of this special wedding. The couple feels their suppliers were tireless and very dedicated and everything was as per their taste. This wedding describes this couple and their love perfectly;  simple and very strong.

Brympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0032.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0020.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0012.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0019.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0024.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0029.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0028.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0026.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0025.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0027.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0030.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0016.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0013.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0014.jpgBrympton_D'Evercy_Somerset_wedding_Helen Lisk Photography_0007.jpg