Chocolate and Gold

Colour palette: chocolate, ivory, gold

A delicious colour palette that uses chocolate mixed with cream and highlighted with gold


  • Lightly scatter some rose petals across the wedding breakfast tables- choose a mixture of cream, ivory and chocolate petals
  • Luggage labels with either gold or chocolate writing make simple but effective place name cards
  • Accessorize white napkins with chocolate coloured feathers – they look delightful!
  • The ivory candelabra work with this palette as do those lovely candles from Melt – but this time I would go for the varieties called Saddle [a deep chocolate brown] and Joy – a lovely rolled gold colour
  • Chair wraps if you are going to have them look best in choclate – you can then accessorize the tables with old gold vases, small bowls and tea lights filled with candles and flowers from the colour spectrum


  • Well with this colour palette you have to have Ferrero Rocher – either as a chocolate tower or to give away as presents for your guests!

Brown 2Vintage Taupe

Colour palette: taupe, eau de nil, chocolate

A wonderful neutral palette that is very in vogue at the moment and which can be used for either a contemporary or rustic feel wedding


  • A taupe or eau de nil runner on the refractory table in the great hall sets the scene for a rustic themed wedding using this colour palette
  • A Laura Ashley wallpaper, the Paradise Garden [that I bought rolls and rolls of when it was being produced] is the perfect shade of eau de nil and I would use this either as  ‘pictures’ in   fancy baroque frames throughout the house or to cover a corkboard for guest book messages on the refractory table
  • The table plan written on my distressed baroque mirror looks wonderful written in eau de nil liquid chalk
  • Wrap the chairs with eau de nil pashminns and if the budget allows use  taupe tablecloths and chocolate toned napkins – alternatively stick with the white on white table linen but accessorize with vintage napkins tied with either taupe or eau de nil ribbons and little bowls of chocolate toned flowers


  • A French profiterole tower served with either caramel or chocolate sauce makes a stunning dessert and is just the right shade!

Brown 3Golden Sugar

Colour palette: tan, rosy brown, white, gold and chocolate

Simply perfect for an autumn or winter wedding shades of chocolate mixed with gold is a classic and perfect for a rustic chic wedding


  • In the ballroom ivory candelabra lit with creamy beeswax candles look really effective especially when the tables are liberally sprinkled with gold speckled tea lights
  • Napkins can be tied with either a wide silky brown ribbon or a narrower gold velvet one
  • For a really special, romantic feel the great stair treads can be lit with gold speckled hurricane lamps
  • Chocolate toned flowers are far more numerous then you might think and include varieties such as the terra nostra rose, chocolate cosmos, hypercum berries, fiddlehead ferns and ghost leaves to name but a few


  • Like the Chocolate and gold colour palette you have to include Ferrero Rocher in some form or other so either use them to build a chocolate tower wedding cake or give every guest one as a favour!

Brown 4Strawberries and Chocolate

Colour palette: red, chocolate, dark violet, maroon, sunshine yellow

One of my most favorite colour palettes as it contains 2 of my favorite things – strawberries and chocolates!! It works with both vintage and contemporary wedding styles and is anchored by including a spectrum of reds [red, dark violet, maroon] and chocolate with a contrasting yellow


  • The ivory candelabra work best with this palette as do single big fat candles from Melt with delicious names such as Saddle, Love and Violet and Black Pepper
  • Chair wraps if you are going to have them look best in either chocolate or maroon – you can then add red napkins and accessorize the tables with vases, small bowls and tea lights filled with candles and flowers from the colour spectrum
  • Don’t forget that the inclusion of yellow is the key to the success of this look – so incorporate it by using single yellow flower heads to accessorize every napkin and weaving yellow flowers into the garlanded posts in Castle House for example


  • For the perfect cocktail to enjoy with chocolate how about a Slinger? It’s been described as the perfect after dinner mint and is made using crème de menthe and cognac
  • With this colour palette how about decorating your wedding cake with chocolate dipped strawberries or having a chocolate fountain in place of desert?

*All photo credit to Style me Pretty