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There is an African proverb that says ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’. In relation to a perfect wedding venue it should maybe go something like this: It takes at least a weekend to enjoy a perfect wedding!

And this is probably the key consideration when thinking about extending your wedding celebration over more than one day.Hosting a House Party Wedding Weekend means that you can really relax and enjoy the celebration rather than it all going by in a flash.


So what are the pros and cons of a House Party Wedding Weened?

WOW has put together this simple guide to help you decide if a House Party Wedding Weekend is right for you

The Pros of a House Party Wedding Weekend:


  • Time – time as they say is precious and by doubling or even tripling the amount of time that you spend at your chosen wedding venue WOW believes that you are doubling or even tripling the joy! This is especially important if you have friends and family travelling to your wedding venue from a long distance or even overseas. You will need time to reconnect with them and hosting a House Party Wedding Weekend over a couple of days will give you this precious extra time. Time is also an important factor to consider if you are opting for a marquee wedding. Extra time at your chosen wedding venue will be needed to erect and dismantle your marquee – so an extended hire period of 48 or even 72 hours becomes necessary. Time is also a factor if you are planning on multiple ceremonies at the same wedding venue. For many Asian Weddings for example there will be a need to host both a Civil and Religious ceremony as well as other events like a betrothal ceremony the night before the big day.
  • Ease – by this we mean that hosting a House Party Wedding Weekend makes it easier for friends and family to arrive on time for the BIG DAY and to feel refreshed on the day itself after a good night’s sleep at your wedding venue. This underlines the importance of choosing a wedding venue with accommodation.
  • Space – by which we are referring to the fact that your guests need the space to explore the beautiful wedding venue that you have chosen. Wedding days themselves are filled with activity – everything from the ceremony itself to the drinks reception and wedding breakfast to the evening reception. So, by hiring your perfect wedding venue for longer you are giving your guests the space to explore and really appreciate what made you fall in love with your chosen wedding venue in the first place!
  • Fun – with events or activities spread across several days you can really inject an element of fun into your wedding celebrations. Depending on what sort of venue you choose your guests could enjoy anything from croquet on the lawn to a spot of tennis for example!

The Cons of a House Party Wedding Weekend

  • The only downside to extending the celebrations over 2 or even 3 days is that you are increasing your costs. There are ways around this of course and this where getting in touch with your chosen venues wedding coordinator or wedding planning department can really pay off. As our favourite wedding planner at makemydaybeautiful explained to WOW:

‘Wedding weekends are great fun but they do cost a lot more than just having a wedding on the day. A way around this and one that I suggest to brides who are choosing a wedding venue with accommodation attached is to send out an invite with a DBB rate for their house guests. That way with the wedding accommodation and meals sorted the couple are effectively reducing their overall extra spend down to the venue hire itself and any extra fun activity that they put on. If the couple is looking for a Country House Wedding Venue experience for example, then I would suggest something like clay pigeon shooting for the guys and a mixture of cream tea and massages for the girls on the day before/after. To work though the venue must offer (bed)rooms, exclusive use and have plenty of space’.


So, what would WOW suggest is the perfect House Party Wedding Weekend timetable?

This depends on what style of wedding you are after. We’ve suggested two timetables but there are hundreds of permutations!

For a traditional Country House Weekend Wedding:

Arrive on a Friday

Aim to get to the venue for midday. This allows you time to sort yourself out before the guests arrive

4pm Guest arrival

5pm Cream tea is a nice touch if the venue has a grand public space

6pm Wedding rehearsal

7.30pm Dinner and drinks – this could be offsite but if you are paying the venue hire for the night before the BIG DAY then why not make full use of the venue and host dinner at the venue?

Midnight – Goodnight – you have a busy day tomorrow!


Saturday Wedding Day

8am onwards – bridal hair and makeup; make sure that breakfast can be delivered to your suite

10am to midday – activities for girls and guys; anything from clay pigeon shooting to in room massages to croquet on the lawn or a game of tennis!

Midday – pre-ceremony drinks

2pm – wedding ceremony

3pm onwards – drinks and canapes followed by the wedding breakfast and evening party.


Sunday check out day

11am brunch – for the morning after the night before it’s a good idea to not have much planned before 10am!


For an Asian Weekend Wedding:

Arrive on Friday – your marquee suppliers should have arrived as early as the venue will let them in on Friday morning so that by the time you get there at midday the marquee is nearly up and being dressed by your chosen wedding styling team


For the rest of Friday, you can either schedule your Civil ceremony or a pre-wedding ceremony such as a Mendi on this day



The timeline will follow a traditional wedding in most cases although alcohol may not be consumed until after the ceremony but all other elements including a wedding feast, speeches and an after party will!

Of course, a weekend wedding does not have to be confined to the end of the week; you could for example arrive on a Monday, get married on a Tuesday and leave the venue on a Wednesday. It will be much cheaper this way too!



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