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So, you’ve found the venue and are now going to set the date…when you discover that to get married on a Saturday is up to a third more expensive then hiring the venue on a Tuesday!

So, what do you do? Do you consider getting married midweek? And join the ranks of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux who got hitched on a Wednesday for example or our very own Kate and Wills who got married on a Friday or do you bite the bullet and pay a premium for the Saturday date?

WOW looked at the pros and cons of tying the knot midweek:

Advantages of a mid-week wedding

Venue Cost – this is the single biggest advantage of getting married midweek. The logistics are simple for any wedding venue – they are simply 4 times as many mid-week dates (so that’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) than Friday or Saturday ones in any given week so the price is always going to be lower. A lower price doesn’t mean that the facilities on offer are any different though. If you select an exclusive use Country House wedding venue with accommodation for example all of the facilities will still be available to you whether you choose to get married on a Tuesday or a Saturday (but will be around a third cheaper!).

Wedding accommodation – again the midweek rates can be significantly lower than the rates that are charged on a Friday or Saturday. Where venues wrap the cost of the wedding accommodation into the venue hire than what you will see is a lower overall price for the wedding accommodation and venue hire midweek than what is charged at the weekend. For venues where the accommodation is charged separately then there will often be a lower rate for the wedding accommodation in the week.

Lower minimum spend/number requirements – most of the best exclusive use country house wedding venues will have a minimum spend in place for hot dates (e.g.  the Friday, Saturday and Sunday dates) which in guest number terms can be anything from 80 to over 100 guests. This means that you will have to invite at least that number of guests and if you end up having fewer than the minimum number on the day then you will be charged for the minimum number. During the week however the minimum spend requirement is either waived or significantly reduced with a minimum number of 50 being not uncommon. So, if you are thinking about an intimate destination wedding then celebrating mid-week may be a better option than paying for vacant seats.

Supplier savings – to achieve savings here you will need to talk the talk! Suppliers will not shout about the fact that they reduce their prices for a mid-week wedding but they do. You just need to push hard enough! Of course, this isn’t true across the board. Flowers for example and the costs of your wedding styling are likely to stay the same whatever day of the week you choose to get married on. But things like photography, hair and makeup – even a wedding cake can all be cheaper mid-week.

Logistical Ease – by which we mean that it is far more likely if you opt for a mid-week wedding that yours will be the only event mid-week. This means that dropping stuff at the venue will be easier; you will be less likely to ‘bump’ into a departing wedding party and can sometimes book the venue the day before or after your wedding on a non-venue hire basis. This is especially beneficial to weddings which are hosted in marquees or Asian Weddings where events and ceremonies are spread across several different days.

Disadvantages of a midweek wedding

Guest inconvenience – this is a big one and the only real disadvantage of booking a mid-week wedding in the opinion of WOW. You simply can’t get around the fact that guests invited to a mid-week wedding have to book time off work or throw a last-minute sickie to attend the event! Couples who are thinking about having a wedding midweek therefore often worry that some of their guests won’t be able to get the time off from work, or that their guests will have to leave the event early for work the next morning. There are ways around this though – and this where careful wedding planning comes to the fore. If you give your guests enough notice, then booking time off work is not a problem. Particularly if your wedding is the sort of event that people can turn into a mini break. So, a country house wedding venue for example preferably with wedding accommodation attached would be seen as a treat rather than a ‘duty’ and something that guests could look forward to and plan holiday time off around.

To succeed therefore you need to give your guests enough notice of your mid-week wedding plan – with 18 months to go before the big day being considered the best length of time before the event to enable guests to comfortably book their holiday time.


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